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CC Manual – Project 3

TM Srikanth Saboo  |  Die Another Day

Falling Down or failure.  Stuck in a situation. What Next. How do you Fight it out.  Do you write your own success story or you bow down to the pressure. <<slide>>

TMOD, fellow toastmasters and guests. Whatever your reason may be, When you want it the most, there is no easy way out. No one can give that airlift to you but yourself. Let me share some instances from my own life how I get an airlift every time. 

In my second year of management course, I had FAILED THE MID TERM TEST in Professor Alexeev’s advanced level Statistics class. This was going to have serious ripple effect on my plan of graduating along with my peers as class of the millennium. 

I explained my situation to the professor. He was a tough nut, & accordingly got the option, << Slide>> withdraw from class or work hard. I realized I had fallen down academically, got up quickly, brushed off the negativity and said to myself, this is not my day to give up or die, I will work hard and excel in this class. 

I went back to my answer sheet and figured out that Statistics is not about writing long stories but an extension of mathematics, to arrive at a point in a methodical approach. I started attending every lecture would read the course work material in advance, take notes in the class, revised them after class, quizzed myself and at the end of semester graduated the class with an A+. <<Slide>>The Economics Chair invited me to join the department conferred a special recognition to me.  

Couple years later, my father suffered a major heart stroke with a minimal chance of survival. I fell down emotionally, gathered strength quickly, brushed off the traces of despair and mustered up the courage said to myself, “will not let my father die so soon” and I was willing to work as hard and as smart to ensure my father is back on his feet. I was there with my father when he was being stabilized at local city hospital. Took non commercial advice from a Chemist friend on best way to proceed forward. Gathered knowledge from all available sources, duty doctors, nurses, books, past patients etc. Ensured, the family ‘s mood and spirit was kept high, with positives so my father could recover faster. Took appointment from the best cardiac surgeon in the country, got my father operated successfully as per schedule even though it was a high risk operation Than took him to a nature cure and yoga institute and remarkably the Heart LV-Function which had dropped to a below of 15% at the time of heart stroke has now increased to 40-45% range.  <<Slide>>

In the year 2011, I was duped by my business manager and risked being slapped with a lawsuit of INR 140 Million. Yet again, I had fallen down in life, gathered my senses quickly, brushed off the anxiety and got to work with commitment and planned the way forward. Camped at the project site for almost 8 months with minimal food and accommodation facilities finished the project as per customer satisfaction did not make much profit on the project but got a reference letter. <<Slide>>

Race does not ends when you fall down, & success depends on how quickly one brushes off the dust and gets back running. It's not about the winning, but the whole experience. Failure itself cannot be celebrated but learning’s from the journey will eventually lead to celebration. There are more failures in life than success.<<slide>> And when that happens, Always believe in yourself, Plan meticulous, Work not just hard but also Smart, be true to people around you. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade and enjoy!! Keep reminding yourself, I am too smart to bow down to this failure and I will give up or die but another day. Let me leave you with an inspirational message<<Slide>>


Over to you TMOD!!

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