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CC Manual – Project 10

TM Srikanth Saboo  |  Dream On

Let me ask you a straight question, knowing that death is certain …… who in this room is not afraid of Dying,? Now Please answer this, who is afraid of Being Dead without making a mark. 

Toast master of the day, fellow toastmasters and Guests Good evening, Lets play a small Trivia to understand it further.

Slide 1. Please identify this visual of the historic personality: Mahatma Gandhi, Father of the Nation and  – Died on 30th January 1948.

Slide 2.  Please identify this visual of the historic personality:  Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan- Founder President of the UAE and ruler of Abu Dhabi: Died: November 2, 2004

Slide 3. Please identity this visual. Muhammad Ali-Greatest Boxer of all times. Died: June 3, 2016.

All the above and so many more personalities may have died long long ago but they continue to be alive in our memories. Else you would have not identified them so easily, …….. would you. Their dream and legacy continues to live on. Why? have you ever asked this question to yourself and more importantly what if you could do to achieve a similar stature. 

Anybody who ever built an empire, or changed the world, could have been sitting in a situation where you are now. But they just did not stayed there for rest of their lives. They dreamt of changing the world. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Worked with a definite and consistent efforts and achieved their dreams. Most importantly they sowed the seed with a dream from where it all started. 

I heard it somewhere, the poor should not dream, well I think, only if you do not have a dream you are really poor. Each one of us remember this powerful speech by Martin Luthar King Jr. “I have a dream” Had MLK have not had his dream, the world would have still been divided on basis of skin color.

I have had the fortune of hearing out “live”, a few global leaders. Mr. Bill Gates, Holy Dalai Lama, Mr. Warren Christopher, Mr Narayan Murthy and several others. Their advice translated into, Dream on and Dream on big. It’s the dream that will convert into Vision and if one chase up dreams with definite and consistent efforts there is no stopping. They all dreamt of doing something out of ordinary and fortunately it worked.

UAE was literally a sandpit 50 years ago. UAE did not even had their own official currency. But the founding fathers of UAE had a dream, to make it a strong and powerful country and a world destination. Today UAE is as modern as the Dream itself.  It is a developed country with modern infrastructure, state of the art International Airports, global business hub and an entertainment paradise. It all started with a dream. Infact Sheikh Zayed once quoted “"I had many dreams. I dreamt of our land keeping pace with the growth of the modern world."

Even an office boy dreams of becoming head clerk, the head clerk dreams of becoming manager, manager dreams of becoming the owner.  And the owner dreams of becoming the business tycoon. 

We are all born with dreams. Almost everybody in this room has had a Childhood dream of either becoming a Pilot, Doctor, Engineer or something even more relevant. When we went to college and universities we all dreamt of landing a super job and excelling in life. The ones who did dream and put in definite & consistent efforts have achieved it. The ones who could not muster up the courage to dream are the ones who cannot look beyond their own nose. Well nothing is stopping you from living your dream NOW. Why have you become so engrossed in the daily routine that you have forgotten your life time dream of owing a beach villa, buying that Mercedes sports car or taking a world tour. 

Till I did not had a dream, I was a below average student in my middle school. I could barely convert a phrase into a sentence. One day I dreamt of excelling in academics, worked hard to realize my dream and graduated top of my class in my high school and continued the trend in my undergraduate and Post Graduate course with high honors from the USA.

My friends don’t give yourself that chance to regret of not chasing up your dreams.  So Dream on and work hard to realize your dreams. As a first step, pick up that paper and pen down at-least one of your dreams. We are doing it now!! Lets do it!! Please put more dreams of yours on this paper and chase them till you do not realize them. 


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