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When I first joined Toastmasters 3 years back, I only wanted to improve my public speaking skills. As a sales manager, I meet a lot of people every day, and I thought, I need to join Toastmasters to maximize my level of communication with the people I deal with on daily basis. However, the more I was engaged with my club activities throughout the last 3 years, the more I was realizing that toastmasters is not only a platform to improve my public speaking skills, but it’s rather a broad vibrant community where I can develop my leadership skills, maximize my potential and enjoy unlimited personal growth.


With the wonderful EXCOM team I have with me this year, we are looking forward to keep Dubai Toastmasters Club as one of the best clubs in District 105 by bringing to our members a supportive learning experience mixed with enjoyment in a family-like atmosphere.

I have been living in the UAE for the last 20 years, enjoying the fabulous professional life of Dubai as a business hub in the Middle East and dreaming of starting my own business one day. I like to spend my leisure time playing with my 3 kids, or reading a book when they are fed up with me! I live by Rikki Rogers’ quote “Strength doesn’t come from what you can do, it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t”


Nizar Melhem


I joined Toastmasters 3 years back, I wanted to improve my communication skills but later I realized that Toastmasters is one of the best things that has happened in my life.

I am from Southern Coastal India with a bachelor’s in physics. I left a lucrative sales job in a multinational company to pursue my passion in Graphic Design. And I continue with my passion as a Freelance Graphic/Web Designer. I enjoy watching movies and travel interests me a lot. In life I live by the quote Simple Living! Sincere Giving!

With my Role as a VP Education for 2019-2020, I plan to give personal guidance to members to achieve their respective Educational Roles.

VP Education

Bosco Mascarenhas


I am Joyveer Dutt, with Dubai Toastmasters Cub since 1.4years and according to me Toastmasters is a platform to experience your speaking skills and excel to the zenith of Public speaking.

Being a double graduate in Aeronautical and Fire Engineering, double master’s in business administration and Occupational Health and Safety and currently a Research student with Edinburgh Business School.

I am officially working as Head of Department QHSE at Al Futtaim, I am also an aviator in private life with valid flying license for recreational purpose. And I aspire to become the Prime Minister of India one day and will settle nothing less than that. I also practice to hit the bull’s eye by hook or crook.

With this position of being a Vice President – Membership, I plan to bring new members with a unique experience in the club, and all the members and guests are being valued.

Vice President Membership

Joyveer Dutt


I have been a Toastmaster for the past 8months, but I feel that I am an integral part of it, and I am proud that I made a wonderful decision by joining Toastmasters. It is definitely a platform to upgrade your public speaking skills but also it provides unlimited opportunities for personal and professional growth development which can change your life.

Being a Doctor in Professional life for the past 15years, I am involved in day to day counselling and interaction with people from different backgrounds. And being a toastmaster has made life and work much easier.

I have been in the UAE for 14years, I like to spend quality time with my son, and I enjoy recreational activities like music, dance, going on adventurous trips with friends, travelling and driving which makes me feel vibrant. And I live by the quote by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam “Failure cannot overtake me if my definition for Success is not strong enough!!”

With my role in Public Relations this year, I am positive that it will bring value and enhance the reputation of Dubai Toastmaster’s club to be one of the bets clubs in the UAE in District 105.

Vice President - Public Relations

Dr. Devinder Kapoor


I am Jyoti Kedia, have been with Dubai Toastmasters Club for 9 months. I am hugely grateful to Toastmasters and will always be. It’s my happy place and a platform where everyone is welcomed and treated respectfully regardless of age, gender, nationality, religion, background. It has become my Need - Food, Clothing, Shelter AND Toastmasters.

Being graduated as a Chartered Accountant and completed CFA from US, worked with HSBC and Citibank and currently as a Credit Relationship Manager - Corporate Real Estate, Mashreq Bank.

I enjoy listening to music, dancing, playing badminton & TT, skating, writing, traveling, socializing. The quote that I live with is Belief in Self = Belief in God and Embrace change and keep trying new things in Life!

With the role of being a Treasurer with Dubai Toastmasters Club I promise to have a full transparency in funds management and up to date records maintenance.

Simplicity and accuracy by alignment of club members to TMI financial cycle and also to ensure our club wins all possible points/ awards.


Jyoti Kedia


I am Nadine Yakoub, Secretary at Dubai Toastmasters Club, have been associated with this club for a year and a half and I believe that Toastmasters is a place beyond the horizon where one can learn and develop public speaking skills and leadership skills to implement in your life. My Goal is to give more and the more you give, the more you get in return!!

Being in profession of Procurement and Logistics at Emirates Airlines, Gulf Air Crew and Formula 1 Event Management team, I enjoy spending my time with my fun team work skills.

I like to explore new places, do team sports, dancing, reading, talking with children or elderly people and I like to socialize, help and encourage others and am always smiling. I strongly believe to treat people the way you like to be treated!!

I ensure that with my ExCom team members, I will be totally committed to my tasks and creativity to sustain Dubai Toastmasters club as one of the best clubs in the UAE.


Nadine Yakoub


Toastmasters is a safe comfortable learning platform that pushes you off your comfort zone, to transform your best communication, leadership & social skills.  I have been a Toastmaster since July 2018.

I am a Sales Growth Strategist, helping Business Owners & Senior Managers dramatically improve Business Revenues and Profits, even in the toughest times. 

My life is all about 3's.

1. Over qualified with 3 post graduate degrees - in Business, Accounting and Tourism.

2. I run 3 businesses - a franchise, a partnership, and a sole proprietorship.

3. And I strive towards a bank balance ;)

I am passionate about Hospitality, Technology, Real Estate and Angel Investments. I love reading, learning, adventure sports and travelling.

My goal is to offer learning platforms, with tools & skills creating more employment opportunities for all. And I will by the quote “Focus on your actions, results will follow”

With my role as a Sargent at Arms, I aim to bring a 'virus' of Fun, Joy and Energy to jump-start our meetings, which remains highly contagious and keeps spreading until every DTC meeting.

Sergeant at Arms

Alifiya Sura