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EXCOM 2022-23

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TM Nisha Gandhi


Ex Asst. Area Director Public Relations (Area 20) 

Introducing Nisha Gandhi: The Club President Extraordinaire!


Life, according to Nisha, should be as captivating as an unputdownable novel. And guess what? Her journey with DTC has been an absolute page-turner!


In the year 2020, Nisha joined the Dubai Toastmasters Club and bam! She became an active and essential member in no time. The Education team quickly became her second home. But hold your applause, because that was just the beginning. The following year, she skyrocketed to become the Vice President of Public Relations. And guess what? She didn't stop there! In her last term, she fearlessly took on the mammoth responsibility of being the Vice President of Education. Talk about leveling up!


Nisha is a true people person. As the VPE, she relished the opportunity to connect with every member, helping them reach their learning goals. And boy, did she find joy in it! The sense of achievement was off the charts!


Now, as the President of one of the UAE's top-notch clubs, Nisha swears by the mantra "teamwork makes dream work." With her Fabulous 7 ExCom Dream Squad by her side, she's on a mission to empower each member to strive for excellence. And let me tell you, this club is going places! Nisha's vision is to make DTC shine brighter than a supernova, serving the club with nothing but the finest flair.


But that's not all there is to Nisha! She's a self-proclaimed champion of positivity, squeezing every drop of goodness out of life. When she's not conquering the Toastmasters world, she works her magic as a Human Resource Consultant. And when the adventuresome spirit strikes, you'll find her jetting off to new destinations, penning poetic masterpieces, hobnobbing with friends, and cherishing quality time with her incredible family. Oh, did I mention she's head-over-heels for her two lovely kids? They're her everything!


Now, let's raise a toast to Nisha Gandhi, the vivacious President who knows how to rock the club scene and live life to the fullest! Cheers!

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TM Joyveer Dutt   

VP Education

Meet Joyveer, our VP Education. He believes in the equality of all individuals, regardless of wealth or knowledge. Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi, he dedicates himself to serving humanity through his actions and deeds. With a minimalistic approach to life, Joyveer keeps his wardrobe simple with just two white shirts and four suits. Even though he may seem ordinary, his commitment to equality and service make him truly exceptional.

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TM Nisrine Ali

VP membership 

Our amazing VP Membership, Nisrine, takes on the important role of enrolling dedicated individuals who are eager to grow and improve their public speaking and leadership abilities. With her vast expertise in the legal field, specifically in Litigation, Nisrine brings a level of professionalism that is truly commendable. Beyond her professional pursuits, Nisrine's passions lie in life coaching, self-development, exploring new places, and indulging in her love for horses. It is evident that service holds a special place in Nisrine's heart, as she currently serves as the Director for the Community Service Committee at the Rotaract Club of Dubai, a highly regarded organization registered with the Community Development Authority under the Association of Rotary Clubs UAE. Her dedication and commitment to making a difference are truly inspiring!

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TM Suketu Dani


Meet Suketu Dani, a remarkable individual who partners at Zameel Decor, a renowned company specializing in crafting bespoke furniture for residential and commercial projects. With an eye for exquisite design and a commitment to excellence, Suketu brings dreams to life by creating captivating spaces that offer both beauty and functionality.

Outside of the furniture realm, Suketu finds joy in indulging in his passion for cricket and staying informed about world politics. These interests reflect his diverse personality and keep him engaged in the vibrant tapestry of global affairs.

Suketu's path to success is paved with a simple yet powerful mantra: Just follow the basics and let the results unfold naturally. By focusing on the fundamentals and embracing the journey, he has achieved remarkable outcomes that speak volumes about his dedication and hard work.

In addition to his accomplishments, Suketu holds the esteemed position of PR Head at the prestigious Dubai Toastmasters Club. With his expertise in social media and communication, he ensures that the chapter shines brilliantly across different digital platforms, fostering a thriving community of aspiring speakers.

Step into Suketu's world and experience the enchanting realm of bespoke furniture, immerse yourself in the excitement of cricket, stay informed about pressing global matters, and witness the transformative power of effective public speaking. Prepare to be inspired as Suketu Dani leaves a lasting impression wherever he goes.

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TM Pushkal Thakkar


Introducing Pushkal Thakkar, a dynamic individual who holds the distinguished position of Managing Partner at Delmont Fire & Safety LLC, based in Dubai. With a burning entrepreneurial spirit, Pushkar leads his own successful business in the field of fire protection and fire detection systems. His expertise and dedication ensure the safety and well-being of countless individuals and establishments.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Pushkar finds solace and fulfillment in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. You'll often find him hitting the pavement or pushing the limits at the gym. His commitment to physical fitness is a testament to his unwavering dedication and discipline in all aspects of life.

Operating by a powerful motto, Pushkar firmly believes that if a challenge fails to stretch one's limits, it will hardly bring about any transformative change. This mindset drives him to constantly seek opportunities that push his boundaries, allowing for personal and professional growth.

Adding to his impressive repertoire, Pushkar serves as the trusted treasurer at the Dubai Toastmasters Club. With precision and finesse, he skillfully handles the club's financial affairs, ensuring the smooth collection of dues and timely payments of bills. His role exemplifies his meticulous attention to detail and his commitment to maintaining the financial health of the organization.

Engage with Pushkar Thakkar as he leads the charge in preserving safety, embraces challenges, and cultivates personal growth. Join him on this exhilarating journey of entrepreneurship, fitness, and financial management. Together, let's create a lasting impact and inspire others to reach new heights of success.

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TM Amina Salma 


TM Amina is a communication engineer in an energy consultancy, proud to call Dubai home for over 30 years. She joined the Dubai Toastmasters Club in August 2022, driven by her passion for personal growth. Embracing every opportunity, she immerses herself in diverse experiences such as travel, movies, and exploring different cuisines.

As the club's Secretary, TM Amina ensures effective communication by diligently recording meeting minutes and sharing important information with members. Her attention to detail helps maintain impeccable club records.

In her professional role, TM Amina combines her technical expertise with strong communication skills to guide clients through complex energy challenges. She formulates sustainable solutions that optimize communication systems, keeping up with the ever-changing energy consultancy landscape.

Beyond her work and toastmasters engagement, TM Amina seeks adventure and knowledge. She takes delight in trying new foods, immersing herself in different cultures through travel, and finding inspiration in movies.

TM Amina's journey is one of determination and passion as she excels in her role as a communication engineer, motivates her fellow toastmasters, and makes a lasting mark in the energy consultancy industry. Get ready for an extraordinary experience as she navigates the vibrant world of Dubai and beyond.

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TM Rashed Syed


Meet Rashid Sayed, a highly skilled Product Manager for IBM Power servers and storage, proudly serving GBM. When he's not navigating the world of tech, you'll find Rashid on the football field or embarking on thrilling cycling adventures. However, his true joy lies in spending quality time with his beloved daughters, creating precious memories.

For the past year and a half, Rashid has been an active member of Toastmasters, dedicating himself to mastering the art of public speaking and leadership. Recently appointed as the Sergeant at Arms, he takes great pride in curating the highlight of each meeting—the delectable snacks and special treats, such as mouthwatering samosas. Yet, his commitment extends far beyond this role as he strives to ensure seamless meetings and empower others to make the most of their Toastmasters experience.

Rashid sincerely believes that Toastmasters offers an unparalleled platform for personal growth and the development of essential skills. Join Rashid on this remarkable journey, and together, let's unlock our full potential and unleash our greatness.

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TM Deewee Alcasoas

Immediate Past President

In the realm of Toastmasters, there exists an individual whose trajectory has been nothing short of extraordinary. Over a span of just two years, TM Deewee Alcasoas catapulted from the role of Vice President of Education to President, ultimately ascending to the esteemed position of Area Director. Her fame and renown in the Toastmasters community are a testament to her boundless energy and unfaltering commitment to the growth of others.
As a President, under her guidance, the club experienced an unprecedented surge in membership, meeting attendance, and individual accomplishments. Deewee’s affable nature and eagerness to support and uplift others cultivated a sense of unity that became the hallmark of the club.
As the current Area Director of Area 6, she is leaving no stone unturned in using her experience to inspire growth and development across a broader spectrum. 
Today, Deewee stands as a towering figure in the Toastmasters community, a name synonymous with excellence and support. Her fame and reputation have spread far and wide, a testament to the impact she has had on countless individuals. Her journey is a living testament to the transformative power of Toastmasters and the potential within each member to achieve extraordinary heights.

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