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Dubai Toastmasters Club chartered in April 1996. We stand proud with over 20 years of legacy. We are club number 7492 and are currently over 60 members-strong. We belong to Area 7 / Division B and District 20.

Our club is the mother Toastmasters Club of Dubai. Our members have chartered, mentored, and directly and indirectly sponsored over 50 clubs in Dubai.


What makes us different from other clubs?

Our 20 years of wealth of accumulated experience. 

Our formal and professional process for conducting every meeting.

Our preparation. Every role player is well aware of the role objectives and formalities.

Our invaluable mentors.

Our meetings’ sheer quality with different themes, and a perfect blend of veterans and new members.

Our membership mass of over 60 members. 

Our meeting size with an average of 45 attendees of members and guests.

Our honorary members. We are the home club of the past International President Colonel Muhammad Murad - DTM, the past regional advisor Uma Radhakrishnan – DTM, and many past and current Division and Area Directors. 


We meet every other week for two and a half hours. Each meeting gives everyone an opportunity to practice, learn and help other members in their journey in different ways. Every meeting consists of prepared speeches, impromptu speeches, and evaluation sessions.

Here at Dubai Toastmasters, both experienced professionals and beginners benefit from our practical, supportive, and personal learning programs. Whether you're speaking to a board of directors, your customers, your co-workers, or your family members, we will help you to master the art of public speaking.

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