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Direct and oversee the administrative operation of the club.

Guide the development and execution of a Club Success Plan to achieve educational and membership goals.

Serve as liaison with the local district and with Toastmasters International.

Lead monthly executive board meetings and regular club meetings.

Appoint all committees.

Establish long-term and short-term plans for club growth.

Achieve optimal club performance standards.

Recognize member achievements.



Vice President Education:

Chair the Education Committee.

Develop and prepare successful, varied educational meeting programs.

Assign members to serve as mentors and to fulfill meeting roles.

Coordinate and monitor progress toward club educational goals.

Advise and support members in achieving personal development goals.

Orient and induct new members.

Motivate participation in the educational program and other Toastmasters activities.

Advocate and encourage participation in club-leadership responsibilities.



Vice President Membership:

Chair the Membership Committee.

Establish goals for membership growth.

Plan, organize, conduct and monitor all membership campaigns.

Promote the value of club membership growth and retention.

Conduct member  satisfaction surveys and evaluations.

Ensure member satisfaction and retention via quality meeting programming.

Greet guests, provide introduction to our program, club officers and members.

Serve as liaison between the club and its individual guests and members.



Vice President Public Relations:

Chair the Public Relations Committee.

Develop and direct all public relations programs and activities.

Identify and target new markets for promoting the club and organization.

Publicize the club and its activities to local media via news releases and press kits.

Design and compose club publicity materials and guest information kits.

Edit, produce and distribute a club newsletter.

Promote the benefits of the club’s membership and educational programs.

Maintain positive image of Toastmasters to members, guests and the public.





Maintain club files, including charter, constitution, bylaw resolutions, official documents.

Record and read minutes of all activities for club and executive committee meetings.

Submit all applications for new, transfer and reinstated members.

Maintain accurate club roster.

Conduct all general club correspondences.

Prepare and mail orders for Toastmasters supplies.

Provide notice of meetings; distribute agenda in advance.

Serve as club liaison with Toastmasters International World Headquarters.




Prepare and submit budget for approval by the executive committee.

Develop and execute financial policies, procedures and audits.

Collect members dues and explain dues structure.

Maintain accurate record of all club financial transactions.

Receive and present monthly financial report and quarterly reports.

Reconcile deposits and expenditures.



Sergeant-at-Arms :

Arrange room prior to meeting, including food service if needed.

Manage and maintain all club equipment between meetings.

Chair the Social and Reception committee and serve as Master Host.

Greet members and guests, provide introduction to club officers.

Respond to individual concerns during club activities.

Maintain orderly conduct of meeting.

Collect and tally any voting ballots.

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